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The iPhone is a very popular device amongst the consumers all over the world. It's in huge demand and applications developed for the iPhone proves beneficiary for the customers. Arkainfoteck is one of the most famous iPhone application development companies in India. We offer robust and consistent iPhone application development services worldwide.

Arkainfoteck has a team of certified iPhone experts who are known for their in depth technical knowledge and delivery excellence. Our proficient and domain experienced iPhone developers can turn your ideas into appealing iPhone apps. Our work process is quality oriented assuring the best return on investment and outstanding results for your iPhone apps. Looking at the iPhone app development history, you will notice remarkable changes since the launch of the first iPhone. Each new iOS are equipped with new challenges and features and Arkainfoteck developers are always involved in sharpening their skills in order to build the best application.

Benefits of developing iPhone apps for business:

The iPhone has gradually dominated the mobile world since last few years. The demand for iPhone apps and games has increased in the market and therefore, more and more businesses are influencing the advantage of the platform. Some of the advantages of developing iPhone apps are:

✔ Ease of use
✔ Reach wider audiences
✔ Enhance customer experience
✔ Increase in sales and profit
✔ Scalable and secure apps
✔ Instantaneous satisfaction

Some of the services we offer:

✔ Mobile web development
✔ Porting and migration
✔ Custom application development
✔ Software QA & testing
✔ Widget development
✔ Software Support and Maintenance

Our Comprehensive process of developing iPhone apps:

We offer a complete iPhone app development process with customer centric approach. The following process is followed for any, each and every project.

1) Discovery: Our team works with clients to understand their business needs. Thereafter, we merge the initial concept. We evaluate the challenges and discover the ways to overcome them.
2) Architecture: We begin with the features that go into the product and how they will work together. Thus, we create an initial framework for the app in the form of wireframes.
3) Design: There is an adage "First impression is the last impression". So, it's all about design when it comes to the first impression. Our team will put in all their efforts for a good design to work. All the screens for the iPhone are designed on the basis of approved wireframes.
4) Development: The iPhone development process is divided into sprints based on feature sets. Our agile based development process allows you to regularly review and assess our progress.
5) Quality Assurance: The QA team will test the app after every development sprint. Beta build is prepared once all major functionalities are implemented.
6) Launch: Once the Beta builds clears the final round of QA and refinements, a Release Candidate Build is provided.
7) Maintenance: We provide a period of three months for bug fixing, maintenance package covering small updates to newer versions.

What do you obtain from us?

• On time delivery
• Excellent communication
• Coding as per Apple guidelines
• Expert team of iPhone developers
• Attractive UI designs
• Assured approval on the App store