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We are ready to do Web Designing, App Development, Web Development, ERP Services

Arka Infoteck is a leading software company located in city of Hyderabad. As businesses and corporate realise the value of Internet marketing, a website has become a necessary component

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All projects we take up carry the following guarantees:Confidentiality guarantee: All client details will be kept confidential Price guarantee: Minimum 60% cost-saving over on-site development Results guarantee: Progress-linked payments weighted toward the end

✓ We sign NDAs and Confidentiality Agreements as required by you.
✓ All our employees are full-time employees, and are bound by the company Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure clauses.
✓ You may require assigned Mindfire team members to sign your Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements; indeed we encourage the same.
✓ Additionally, for sensitive projects, we create isolated cells disconnected from any public network.
✓ At a practical level, all CD-Writers need authorization for usage. Internet uploads larger than a threshold also need authorization.

Our developers are dedicated to producing quality code. We have formal processes to keep quality under tight control, including periodic code reviews and design walk-throughs. We concentrate on being first-time right, and believe the creation-step itself should be strong.

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